LLM in International Law (Conflict, Security and Human Rights)

The University of Hull’s Master of Laws in International Law (Conflict, Security and Human Rights) (LLM) diploma programme gives a total look at of International Law as an educational and vocational discipline.

This LLM allows you no longer only to apprehend the general public (political), non-public (economic) and moral (human rights) interactions of worldwide regulation in a theoretical and realistic experience, but additionally to specialise within the prison observe of battle, security and human rights.

This LLM is designed for students with a background in law, politics, worldwide relations, social sciences, records and human geography. However, candidates are welcomed from all academic disciplines and profession paths, which include expert and aspiring attorneys, public officers, human rights activists, diplomats, reporters and others who are interested in information public worldwide regulation and its role in responding to battle, protection and human rights challenges.

What you’ll study
This LLM particularly presents the possibility for in-intensity observe of the international criminal reaction to some of the most severe perils facing humankind these days. The core attention is on problems of growing struggle and armed struggle and their implications for human rights. Since those issues, in turn, are frequently fuelled by ‘natural’ troubles, the focal point is increased to consist of those where appropriate.

This LLM examines the prison response to, amongst other topics, the global refugee crisis, the unfold of terrorism, the proliferation of mass violence and internal armed battle, piracy, and human trafficking, as well as herbal failures, fitness pandemics and financial crises. Even in societies noticeably unfastened from warfare, a preoccupation with protection and the politics of fear are leading to an erosion of human rights protection and indeed to demanding situations to the very idea of human rights. Accordingly, this LLM explores prison responses to the venture of keeping human rights in a global more and more dominated via protection issues.

Taught with the aid of experts at the leading edge of worldwide regulation scholarship, this LLM offers college students with an intensive expertise and understanding of the legal regimes which have been evolved to shield human rights (including Islamic and African Human Rights safety). Topics include global humanitarian law; the law regulating armed warfare each between and within sovereign states and involving kingdom and non-nation actors; felony regimes developed to create maritime security; international crook justice and the function of regulation in uncovering truth and promoting reconciliation within the aftermath of violent struggle.

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